The founder of our company, Mr. Abdurrahman Çınar Born in 1940 in the village of Bayındır, Çerkeş, district of Çankırı. He started his business life in Erdemir in 1962 after his military service and left Erdemir in 1978, became engaged in trade in Karadeniz Ereğli. As a result of the determined efforts of Mr. Abdurrahman Çınar, our company gained its current structure.

In the years when the sheet metal trade continued, the excess demand in the pipe and profile market and the insufficiency in the sector caused the company to be structured in this direction. While Çınar Boru was producing 25.000 tons / year in a closed area of ​​6.500 square meters during its establishment years, today as a result of smart investments it is possible to produce 180.000 tons / year with its modern machines in a total area of ​​52.000 square meters, 22.000 square meters closed and 30.000 square meters open area . Our company become a Turkey leading manufacturer of pipes and profiles.

Çınar Boru has proven its strength in overseas markets as in Turkey market because of its quality, product range and  experience of over 40 years. The company, which exported 5.000 tons in 2001, has now exported 40% of its production to various European countries, especially England,Germany, America and the Middle East countries.

Company; In order to increase its strength in the sector,  underwent restructuring in 2006 and decided to operate its transport group as a separate company under the name of Çınar Lojistik. Because of newly established company, all logistics activities related to raw materials and products have become more professionally carried out.

Again within the framework of the same structuring; steel service, which was previously provided in Akçakoca facilities, started to be provided in Çınar Çelik Service Center, which was established in the new Organized Industrial Zone in Ereğli, with a total area of ​​50.000 m2, 15.000 m2 closed and 35.000 m2 open. In our facility, services are provided in sheet metal slitting, cut to length and sheet sizing, especially in the automotive and white goods sector, with machines capable of making extremely modern and precise production.

Today, where quality and customer satisfaction are at the forefront, we offer our gratitude to you, our customers, from whom we take our strength as a company with more than 40 years of experience.

Our employees, who work in a team spirit with the aim of offering you the best quality product in the shortest time at the most affordable price, are happy to share with you the joy of their contribution to the Turkish industry.

Çınar Boru, which is with us in every aspect of our lives from the automotive sector to the white goods sector, from water and gas installations to construction, furniture and agriculture, is among the leading organizations in its field thanks to its technology and management power.